5 Brilliant Ways To Cosplay Marvel’s Black Panther: DIY Costume Guide

Have you ever dressed up like a character who leave his impression on every eyes? Yes, I am talking about the first black superhero in an American Comics, Black Panther. He is one of the fictional characters introduced by Marvel Comics. He have to saved the life of many people, and he wants to make sure that his people are in peace and his city Wakanda that supplies strongest metals should be well protected

For the very first time, we will see this superhero in Live- action movie. Black Panther plays the vital character in Captain America: Civil War. As he is in the team of Iron Man. The remarkable element that influences most to the audience is Black Panther costume. He worn an amazing get up which captured the attention of many people. Most of us wanted to look like him. Here we guide you how to dress up as Black Panther and what things you required.

Black Panther Jacket

Black Panther Mens Jacket
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The jacket is the second most important element of Black Panther attire and having the right type is very crucial. Here we were introducing this costume for all of you who want to dress up like him in upcoming Halloween event. A jacket having premium quality, stylish stitched by our experts with the combination of two dominated colors like black/ silver and black/golden. So buy this outfit and change your appearance by wearing this jacket.

Black Panther Mask Helmet

Black Panther Mask
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Do you know what thing make Marvel Comics popular? The unique costume of every character. Every superhero has the different costume. Thus Black Panther also wear this helmet which is different from other. You can go with the simple design or with the LED eyes. Both have similar lining and carving which provide you the actual look.

Black Panther Value Gloves

Mens Black Panther Leather Gloves
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Exactly want to look like Black Panther then you need to have the correct gloves for it. This item will add classy look in your dress up as it is similar to the one which superhero wore in Captain American: Civil War.

Black Biker Pants

Black Panther Shinny Pant
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To complete your Black Panther dress up you need the perfect pants for it. These biker pants will best suit with your overall costume. Having zip closure with elastic fabric and slim fit trousers make you feel comfortable.

Classic Black Boots

Black Panther Boots
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Black Panther wears the most stylish and flexible pair of shoes which allow him to perform every stunt more efficiently and effectively. You don’t require to do any stunts or action but to complete your Black Panther look you need these boots in you costume list.


Now you have the idea of what items you need to dress up like you favorite Superhero. Thus with these five stuffs, your Black Panther costume is complete. This is one of the outstanding costume in Captain America: Civil War. By wearing this outfit, you will capture the attention of many people. Just place an order and make you upcoming Halloween memorable.

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