Han Solo Harrison Ford Star Wars Cosutme guide

The long-lived character of Han Solo is solely portrayed by well-known American actor Harrison Ford, This character was firstly introduced in the 1977 Star Wars film. In the latest episode Han Solo along with his most trusted co-pilot Chewbacca moved back to his old life as a rogue and a smuggler. When the main protagonist of the film Rey was kidnapped by the first order Stormtrooper, Han sees Rey carrying by the villainous Kylo Ren and meets with the head of Resistance “Leia” for this matter. It was later revealed that Ren was the son of Han and Princess Leia.

Han Solo Costume and Accessories

  1. Star Wars Han Solo Costume – $199
  2. Han Solo The Force Awakens Jacket – $189
  3. Han Solo Blaster Pistol – $23
  4. Men’s Belt And Holster – $16
  5. Halloween Captain Long Boot- $49

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