Batman Dawn of Justice Costume Guide

batman costume diy Guide

If you want to survive in cinematic world then you have to come up with new ideas and this is what exactly DC Comics does every time. They comes up again with a unique idea, but there are many fans who have their opinions about who is the better superhero either Batman or Superman, DC Comics has introduced many other rivalries but among all Batman vs. Superman is the most famous rivalry.

Youth are the biggest fan of Batman as he has great capabilities and strong willpower which allows him to survive in his battles. In latest released Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, Batman have different features and a different costume than previous Batman movies.
Now, you have the opportunity to dress up as your favorite superhero character as the Batman in upcoming Halloween event. In this article, you will find all the necessary accessories which you need to look similar like Batman.

Dawn of Justice Batman Jacket

Dawn of Justice Grey Jacket
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This jacket shows one of the heroic sign in the movie Batman vs. Superman. Grey jacket having a black color logo in the middle of the chest gives a dashing look. It is perfect for any costume or Halloween event. You can also use this jacket for casual gatherings.

Batman Beyond Jacket

Beyond Batman Jacket
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Terry McGinnis is one of the famous characters in the comic world. He inspired most of us by his stylish dressing. Black color always gives a classy look to the men. This Batman jacket with triangular shape patterns on the shoulder give you a smarter look in any theme party.

Batman Mask

Black Batman Mask
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This mask has always been a symbol of Batman character, and they are always in demand. He effectively portrayed the character by wearing this mask. It fits easily and is comfortable to wear. Fans who want to dress up like him than you should add this mask to their costume list.

Batman Belt

Batman Belt
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The costume of Batman is incomplete without this belt. Having this utility belt with rest of the costume gives you the similar appearance of Batman as it consists of Batarang, gun closure, and Kryptonite spear. It is the best belt ever made.

Batman Men Gauntlets

batman gloves
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Wear this Batman Gauntlets in upcoming Halloween and become the center of attraction. This Gauntlets are stylish and classy in appearance. It is very comfortable to wear and provide the solid grip to hold the sharp or heavy objects efficiently. It is perfect for both teens and adults.

Batman Long Boots

Black Batman Long Boots
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These Batman boots allow him to perform his challenging task successfully. These sexy and sensuous boots capture the attention of the audiences due to smooth shining on the outer surfaces of the boots. These shoes provide comfortable feel in climbing hard and rough surface.

Batman Black Cape

Batman Black Cape
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The Cape is an essential part of your Batman attire, without this your dress up is incomplete. It is comfortable to wear, and gives an outstanding look with rest of the Batman costume.


Dress up yourself as your favorite superhero the Batman in the upcoming Halloween event. You can easily get all the above items and become the most stylish superhero ever in a theme party. Feel free to share your comments below.

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