7 Tips to Look Like Wonder Women: Costume DIY Guide

Who is Wonder Woman? One of the most important and lovable character of DC comics. Essential member of Justice League and supporter of Batman and Superman. She captured the attention of huge number of audience from her acting. Most of the girls want to be like her and want to dress up in the upcoming Halloween or costume party. Wonder Woman is a role model and a true mentor for young superheroes. She possess super strength and ability to fight with her enemies all alone.

Moreover, this guide consists of two costumes one which give you the classic look and second one is more modernized version. Many girls want to adopt her appearance, so here are the necessary items you need to look exactly like Wonder Woman. Let’s have a look:

Lynda Carter who is also known as Wonder Woman, wears this classic costume in a TV serial years ago. Even today, her costume is an amazing attire for theme or Halloween events. Check out the items you need to look like The Classic Wonder Woman.

Diana Prince Classic Costume

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This is one of the hottest and sexiest costume for Halloween or any costume party. With outstanding crafting and finest material, it gives you the exact look of Wonder Woman. Have this outfit and rule on the hearts of boys as this costume will never put you down, in fact it will give you confidence to stand in a huge crowd of people and show your sense of fashion.

Wonder Woman Jacket Costume

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This slim fit jacket is one of the essential part of Adrianne Palicki attire. It has Wonder Woman logo on the chest that remind the people around you of this fantastic character. The Wonder Women jacket is in blue, red and yellow color having stars on the sleeves and the erect collar make it more fashionable. You can also wear it in casual gatherings.

Signature Wonder Women Corset

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This corset is one of the hottest attire if you wear in Halloween or any costume party. Very fashionable and stylish that give you the modernized look. It has a shiny golden design that defines Wonder Woman logo. Have this corset and captured the attention of people around you.

Diana Prince Leggings

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These slim fit leggings give you the comfort and similar look like Wonder Woman. Attractive color and excellent stitching make these trouser stylish and elegant.

Elope Cuff with Star

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If you are planning to dress up like Wonder Woman then don’t forget to wear these Elope Cuff with your outfit as this is the most important part of attire and it will give you the similar look of Lynda Carter. Easy to wear with stylish design and perfect for theme party

Adult Wonder Woman Boots

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Boots that will help you to run faster and perform all the tricky tasks just like Wonder Woman are made up of a high quality material with comfortable sole in red and white color surely give you a stunning look. These shoes complete your outfit for Halloween or other cosplay events.

Here our classic Wonder Woman costume guide comes to an end. This attire is very simple and less complicated in wearing.

Now have a look on recent modernized version of Wonder Woman costume

Just like Lynda Carter, Adrianne Palicki is also an American actress who worked in many TV serials. Recently she plays the role of Wonder Woman and dressed up the modern version of pervious costume. Many women preferred full body costume, if you are one of them then the necessary items to look like her are elaborated below:

Diana Prince Red & Gold Boots

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Wonder Woman boots are an important part of this outfit that enhance her personality. These high heels long shoes will complete your attire and give you perfect look for Halloween and other theme party.

Here you have two costume guides of Wonder Woman, both are fabulous and outstanding. It’s totally up to you that which one you will pick for coming Halloween season as you will look stunning in both costumes because both are excellent and hottest attire for gatherings like Halloween or any theme event.

So, have this attire and get ready to become center of attraction of any party. Just don’t forget to style your hair and carry the lass of justice with you. Please share your valuable comments and opinion below on this costume guide. Good Luck!

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