25 Awesome Halloween Costume Ideas For Movie Lovers

Halloween Costume Guide

It is one of the most difficult task for an adult to take out the time and think about his/her Halloween attire. Their busy schedule doesn’t allow them to go for a shopping and find out which costume is perfect for them. But just like every adult also wish to have the best apparel for Halloween night and that’s the reason we gathered detail information on some famous characters of all-time and perfect choice for the Halloween parties. Here is the list of these costumes and guide for you to bring up your own outfit. Let’s get begin:



Ryan Gosling portrayed the unnamed “Driver” character in the movie Drive. The story is based on a driver who lived a lonely life, doing three jobs at a time first as a stuntman, second as a secret getaway driver and last as a mechanic. His life changes when he meet with his new neighbor as he finds himself in trouble when he helps out his neighbor. His attire capture the attention of huge number of audience because of its uniqueness and difference from our regular day racing costumes. The main part of Drive attire is the jacket having scorpion logo on the back. Wearing this jacket in any costume party will definitely increase your fashion standard.

Ryan Gosling Drive Costume and Accessories


Finn is a character of Star Wars who is well-known for his bravery. Earlier he was a member of stormtroopers, but after seeing harshness, he took up the step to fight with them. Finn Joint the battle to fight against them. He has all the essential features like, bold, intelligent, sharp and so on. Finn capture the attention of great number of audience by his apparel. If you want to turn your personality in the spotlight or want all to let all other crowds go open-mouthed with your very first appearance then this extremely classic leather jacket is what you need! Have Finn’s inspirational jacket, black jeans, sport boots, lightsaber and rock the party.

Finn Costume and Accessories


Bane Costume Guide
Having the skill to beat Batman in a battle and control over the citizens of Gotham City until the recovery and return of Batman. Known for his strong muscular strength, Tom Hardy portrayed the character of Bane in the spectacular Batman movie ‘The Dark Knight Rises’. Many viewers have inspired by Bane’s outfit. If you want to look like him in coming Halloween or in costume party then you will need Bane costume, mask, sleeveless vest, pants and boost by also these things you can make your own Bane attire.

Bane Costume and Accessories

Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn! A psychiatrist, girlfriend of Joker and the main character of Suicide Squad. Everyone fall in love with this character especially teenage girls are crazy and want to dress up like her in their costume parties or coming Halloween. Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel, better known as Harley Quinn, basically she was a doctor of Joker and during his treatment she fall in love with him. Later on Joker manipulated and molested her, as a result she became like him. She wears an attractive attire and there is no doubt her appearance captured the attention of huge number of audience. To look exactly like Harley Quinn you need jacket, T-Shirt, shorts, shoes and wig. So are you ready to impress your friends by wearing this costume?

Harley Quinn Costume and Accessories

Captain American

Steve Rogers who played the character of Captain America as a fictional superhero introduced by Marvel Comics. Captain America is one of the most famous characters in the superhero universe. Beside his crime fighting and superhuman abilities, Captain America is very popular for his outfits. His appearance inspired so much that the costume is high in demand and most of us want to dress up like Captain America in any theme party of Halloween. If you want this superhero look then these items will help you out, blue and white Jacket, dark color jeans, Captain America mask and tennis boots white in color.

Captain America Costume and Accessories

Red Arrow


Have you ever read American Comics? If yes, then you must be familiar with the name Arsenal or Red Arrow. Arsenal was orphan and he was adopted by the Green Arrow. The red hooded costume worn by Arsenal is the center of attraction for the fans. He became expert in archery skills under the supervision of Green Arrow who trained and taught him. The television version of the Red Arrow costume is famous among the fans as compared to the comics series outfit. So whom you are waiting for just get up and buy Red Arrow costume for coming Halloween night.

Red Arrow Costume and Accessories

Black Widow

EEither you’re going for a Halloween party or just into a cosplay, you always wish to look unique and gorgeous. So the apparel of Black Widow is what you need to look classic and stylish as she has become the first choice for people to dress up like her for any costume parties. Moreover, she is only the women among a team of male superheroes and member of S.H.I.E.L.D. To look like her you need Black Jacket, skinny pants, gloves, belt, bracelet and shoes. The Black Widow costume can easily be made at home with the help of the items mentioned above.

Black Widow Costume and Accessories

Sherlock Holmes

Here we come with one of the most demanding, stylish and of course perfect costume for the upcoming Halloween season. This is the costume of a private detective who stole the heart of huge number of viewers. Yes! I am talking about none other than Sherlock Holmes. Moreover, Sherlock hit the TV world in 2010. From unique story to great direction and great acting: Fans love everything. His dressing also inspired many people and they wish to dress up like him in any theme parties of coming Halloween event.

Sherlock Holmes Costume and Accessories


Joker! For sure he is horrible, terrific, wicked, irritating, but he will always be one of the most iconic villains in DC Comics. The Joker has made an excellent impression in comic world. There are not many movies on Joker, but now it’s happening, and the popularity of this character is also increasing day by day. Apart from his acting, the outfits are outstanding, fabulous and that’s why nearly everybody wants to impersonate Joker for this year’s spooky night.

Joker Costume and Accessories


Katana! Superheroine who has appeared in a number of DC comics. The Suicide Squad movie of this year in which she makes her film debut. She is a great martial artist, a highly trained samurai warrior and she has a sword that has the ability to capture the souls of the one that it kills. She swings her sword rapidly and quickly to counter her opponents. In Suicide Squad Katana wear a very badass attire that appreciated by many people and especially teenage girls who want to dress up like her and are crazy. You can also look like Katana if you do some hard work and make your own costume

Katana Costume and Accessories

El Diablo

El Diablo! A fictional character introduced by DC Comics. Basically he was in a gang of criminals in the movie Suicide Squad who are against the government. He uses his power for the wrong things. The power is given by Lazarus Lane to whom he met in a hospital when he busted by the police. El Diablo wear the simple costume which inspired by the audience. To look like him you need black and blue jacket, pants, white tank top and sport boots

El Diablo Costume and Accessories



Deadshot, world’s most wanted hit man, one of the enemies of Batman, who kills people just for the sake of money, who has never missed the target to whom he wants to hit. Other than these things he is also an outstanding hand-to-hand combatant. He has not become famous only for his abilities, but from his look also. Wearing the similar attire of Deadshot will give you to look like a supervillain in coming Halloween party.

Deadshot Costume and Accessories

Wonder Woman

Deadshot, world’s most wanted hit man, one of the enemies of Batman, who kills people just for the sake of money, who has never missed the target to whom he wants to hit. Other than these things he is also an outstanding hand-to-hand combatant. He has not become famous only for his abilities, but from his look also. Wearing the similar attire of Deadshot will give you to look like a supervillain in coming Halloween party.

Wonder Woman Costume and Accessories

Han Solo

There are very few actors who portrayed one character for more than two decades. Hence Harrison Ford is one of them who plays the character of Han Solo and without any doubt, he is one of the important character in very movie of Star Wars. Harrison Ford has proved every time that he is best actor to portray the role of Han Solo and Star Wars wouldn’t be like this without his acting and role. Han solo costume’s captured the attention of many viewers. The main item of his outfit is leather jacket, you have noticed that every time he wear a leather jacket, well it’s wear only by Han Solo not any other character of Star Wars cast, but it look stunning. So if you want to look like Han Solo then must wear a leather jacket.

Han Solo Costume and Accessories

  • Han Solo Black ANH Vest – $189
  • Long Sleeves Base Shirt – $14
  • Blood Stripes Pants – $30
  • Han Solo Belt And Holster – $84
  • Hans Solo Blaster – $12
  • Han solo Captain Boot – $50
  • Wars PU Holster Belt – $35
  • Han Solo Deluxe Outfit costume – $116

James Bond

James Bond! Who spend 50 years in Hollywood film industry; he started his career from the movie Dr.No, A great number of fan copying his style from the very first movie. Many actors played James Bond character. Currently, Daniel Craig playing this character. He is not famous only for his dominant role and energetic character, but his apparel plays a vital part that makes James Bond unique and different in the film industry. And most of us are planning to dress up like James Bond in this Halloween, so to look similar like him you must have a suit/tuxedo, white crisp shit, pants with classic cut and regular color tie.

James Bond Costume and Accessories

Black Panther


We always want to dress up like a character who leave his impression on everyone. Black Panther is one of that character who stolen the heart of great number of fans. He is one of the fictional characters introduced by Marvel Comics. For the very first time, we will see this superhero in Live- action movie. Black Panther plays the vital character in Captain America: Civil War. He impress everyone by his outstanding outfits. Main item in his attire are: mask, jacket, and claws don’t forget to have these if you look like Black Panther.

Black Panther Costume and Accessories

Scarlet Witch


Scarlet Witch! A superheroine appeared in Marvel Cinematic Universe. Elizabeth Olson also known as Scarlet Witch has the ability to harness magic and use hypnosis and telekinesis. Caring and sweet by nature, but extremely powerful.  Scarlet Witch’s dressing enables young girls to increase their sense of fashion as she wear the most amazing attire which impress teenagers and she became the first choice to dress up like her in any costume party.

Scarlet Witch Costume and Accessories

Dr. Strange

The most energetic and passionate actor of Hollywood Benedict Cumberbatch is now going to portray the role of Dr. Stephen Vincent Strange also known as Doctor Strange. Doctor Strange is one of the most powerful men on the planet, in fact, he left behind some of the famous characters like Thor, Iron Man, Captain, and many others. His overall attire is an eye-catcher for a huge number of Marvel fans. You can make your own Dr. strange attire, but keep in mind that Eye of Agamotto necklace is key item of his costume.

Dr. Strange Costume and Accessories

Watch Dogs

If you ever played or heard about the Watch Dogs then for sure you have seen its dashing and cool looking lead character, Aiden Pearce. It is an adventure game with some cool tech and action scenes. Aiden Pearce played the role of best computer hackers in the state. This journey led him to some shocking truth, and ultimately, justice for his little niece. The dressing of Aiden Pearce has become the first and favorite choice for parties and cosplay. You will need: A cap, mask, white sweater, coat and Pants to make a perfect outfit and look like Aiden Pearce.

Watch Dogs Costume and Accessories


Deadpool! Marvel’s most entertaining superhero, who stolen the heart of most of the audience. The fans of the Deadpool became crazy before the movie was released. Well you can go for Halloween in Deadpool get up as with some essential item you can make your own costume and impress everybody. You just need mask, jacket, trouser and boost. Remember that you need all these things in red color.

Deadpool Costume and Accessories

Great Gatsby


Why not you put on some unique and lavish outfits this Halloween just like Jay Gatsby? Leonardo DiCaprio played the role of Jay Gatsby in the movie Great Gatsby which was one of the blockbuster film of 2013. The story is based on the character Jay       Gatsby that how he became the millionaire from the beggar. He wear an amazing and outstanding attire in the movie which becomes the first choice of many people for their formal gatherings and parties.

Great Gatsby Costume and Accessories

So this our complete costume guide of some famous and most wanted characters. Now it’s your choice which character you picked up for Halloween. We hope that we have helped you and solved your Halloween costume crisis. Kindly share your comments with us about this guide. Good Luck!

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