12th Doctor Who Costume: DIY Guide

12th doctor Twelve doctors has been portrayed by Peter Capaldi who is one of the experienced actors among all the other actors. He act in so many series and currently performing a role in the long- running series “Doctor who.” With superb acting, he is considered one of the best doctors in this TV serial. Peter Capaldi (twelfth doctors) costume is one of the best outfits to be worn for any occasion or theme event. If you want to know how to get similar look of him then let’s check out the items mentioned below:

12th Doctor Coat

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Do you want to make your wardrobe little bit change and add some new style coat which gives you a unique look in your gatherings than here your search comes to an end because this is something classic and stylish which will bring change in your appearance? This black coat was worn by Peter Capaldi when he was performing the character of Twelfth Doctor. One of the best attire for coming Halloween season.

White Crisp Shirt

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12th Doctor used to wear a white shirt that gives him an elegant and classic look. Simple stitching with high-quality material made this shirt long-lasting attire. This attire will be suitable for all your business and casual gatherings. So, refresh your fashion sense by having this smart and simple looking shirt in your wardrobe.

Doctor Blue Vest

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This beautiful looking vest was worn by Peter Capaldi in Doctor Who serial. Twelfth doctor vest became so much popular that huge number of people want to wear in casual gatherings. Well-designed and finest crafting of this attire surely gives you a fabulous appearance.

 Black Slim Jeans

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For perfect get up it is very necessary that your pants should match with your rest of the attires. Black jeans always looks elegant and it best suited with almost any colored shirt. This slim fitted jeans is one of the perfect attire which you can use for formal or casual gatherings. Doctor twelve worn similar jeans which look outstanding Have these pants and show your fashion sense.

Ben Sherman Boots

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Similar to the boots worn by Peter Capaldi, which gave him stylish appearance and best suited with rest of the costume. Therefore, give your look the final touch by having these shoes in coming Halloween or casually.
Here this costume guide ended, if you are one of the fans of Peter Capaldi and want to show your love to him then follow this guide and make your twelve doctor attire for a costume or Halloween party. Best of luck and enjoy your rest of the year.
Lastly, go for it and share it with others. If you have any suggestions, you can leave your comments too. Best of Luck!



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